Denver scribe says Rodgers, not Tebow

Quarterback Tim Tebow has carried Denver to a 7-1 record since becoming the starter. (Denver Post)

The Denver Post’s Mike Klis explains why Tim Tebow shouldn’t beat Aaron Rodgers for the NFL MVP in his weekly mailbag. It’s worth noting that even all journalists aren’t clear how the voting process works — there are no second-place votes, although Tebow could finish second if he gets the most first-place votes behind (presumably) Rodgers.

Mike, can we call Tim Tebow the NFL’s “MVP”? I say yes.
—Greg, Rock Springs, Wyo.

You could ifAaron Rodgers weren’t around. But Rodgers should be the unanimous selection. He is not only the best quarterback in the league, he is arguably having the best quarterback season of all-time. He is the most valuable player on a Packers team that is 13-0.

If the Broncos win the AFC West, I do think Tebow would be worthy of second-place votes ahead of Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. Those guys are better quarterbacks, but what pushes Tebow in the MVP debate is he took over a team that finished 4-12 last year and was 1-4 this year and the Broncos are 7-1 since he became the starting quarterback. The record says one guy — and only one guy — made a difference between a terrible team and playoff-bound team.

Just because Tebow has become the best story in America doesn’t mean he’s the league’s MVP. Judgment for such awards must not be stirred by emotion but by cold, rational thought. It really is too bad this is a year when a guy like Rodgers is the clear-cut MVP. Because in another year, when there isn’t an obvious choice, Tebow may well have won the award.

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