Packers perfect, but is Rodgers?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has posted a passer rating above 110 in every game.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, who covers the NFC North, writes about how silly it is to tout any player for the NFL MVP award other than Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The fact the column needs to be written to counteract the contrarian arguments for Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Tim Tebow (?!) shows how far ahead Rodgers is in the MVP race.

It’s quite possible to have this discussion without saying a single bad thing about Brees or noting one derogatory aspect about Brady’s season. All we have to do is recite this litany: Rodgers has completed a higher percentage of his passes, thrown for more touchdowns, tossed fewer interceptions and won more games than either of them.

… There is no credible statistical or competitive measure that places Rodgers anywhere but the top of the league’s best-performing players this season. The quarterback is the most important position in the game. No one is playing it better than Rodgers, and no team has performed at a higher level than the Packers with him as their quarterback.

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